FindCreateMix      the perfect playlist

Deliver engaging fitness classes with the perfect playlist.
100% legal and fully licensed for public use.
Unbeatable value at £19 excluding VAT

FindCreateMix      the perfect playlist

Deliver engaging fitness classes with the perfect playlist. No more hours fiddling with tech. 100% legal for public use.

Trusted by 8000+ trainers and dozens of gyms across Europe

Setting up the perfect playlist for your class is vital and it can feel like it takes forever.

However, with FitnessPlayer it doesn’t.

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Forget outdated solutions and complicated programs.
FitnessPlayer makes creating the perfect playlist easy.

FitnessPlayer is a legal, intuitive and easy-to-use app that allows fitness professionals to search, create, mix, and play unlimited music for their classes.

No way I’m going back after have used FitnessPlayer. Come to think of it, what in the world would I go back to?
– NN, Fitness Instructor and Gym Manager

Available on iOS and Android

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A proud partner to PPL & PRS

What can you do with FitnessPlayer?

Find what you need — easily

 From crossfit and indoor cycling, to yoga and dance — We’ve got a catalogue of music that suits all styles.

Search by BPM, genre, year, or length to find the music that suits your class.

Create the perfect playlist

Seamlessly add breaks, intervals and edit tracks for custom playlists, or choose from a number of expertly curated playlists.

Play with performance-boosting sound

Stream your music with the best sound quality.

Sync with your devices

Simply sync FitnessPlayer on your device with an existing bluetooth speaker or entertainment system.

A vast music library at your fingertips.

From the freshest hits to timeless classics.
If you can’t find the song you’re looking for, you can easily request it and we’ll add it for you!

Indoor cycling instructors, Yoga professionals,
Dance instructors and Fitness coaches.

They all say the same thing about FitnessPlayer: They love it!

It’s a great, flexible solution, both for the facility and for the coaches.
-Jonas Sellen
Love being able to edit a mix in the lists without having to “burn out” new records every time you change something small. Time saver!
-Maria Svensson
IIt’s so easy to create music lists with nice transitions!
Love that it’s easy to cut the music so it works with the workout.
-Mats Bergström
14-day trial. No credit card required

Get started!

New tracks, updated daily.

Find the latest releases and
remixes of the biggest hits.

Play offline.

Share your playlists with your
friends at the gym.

Easy access from your computer
or tablet.

Create the perfect playlist every time.

No credit card required

And if you like it? You can keep
using it for only £19* /month.

Create your playlist with unlimited
access to all music

Change BPM

Adjust start and end time of a track as

Create interval playlists

Add breaks

Add sound effects

Follow Curated Playlist

Follow Curated 32 count Playlists

Play music in offline mode

Excluding VAT*

Can’t find the music you need or have a question?

Our customer support staff are here for you with fast
response times and personal support.

You provide such fast service when it comes to songs I can’t find.


Extremely user-friendly and happy to please. Customer service is fantastic.


I love how you’re so quick to submit requests.


Strategic Music Partner

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Frequently Asked Questions

No worries!
Your trial for two weeks is without any obligations, no credit card is required when signing up for the trial. When you sign up with your credit card the cancellation time is 30 days from the date when you cancel your subscription.

You cancel either via the app or on the website under your profile and “My Account”. Click on “Delete my account” and follow the instructions.
Don’t worry! Enter the mix window on your computer or tablet and click on “Request” in the top menu. Type in the track you need and it will be in the library within 24h.
You can connect up to 5 devices to your account. You can handle the devices from the app under settings and my accounts.
We offer a 30 day recurring subscription.

Yes! Whenever you like and there is a 30 day cancellation time.

Yes, you can build and edit playlists from a tablet or computer.
You will find a huge library of great music for any time of training and if you don’t find what you are searching for you can always send us a request and you will most likely have it within 24 hours.
Yes, you will have an interval playlist within 10 seconds. Just choose your tracks, the time for music and time for the breaks and you’re done. You can always edit the length of the tracks or breaks afterwards if you like.
Yes! With the app the music is always downloaded to your device so you can set it to offline/flight mode so you don’t get disturbed during your class.